BFI MQB - Transmission Mount Top Bracket

$89.99 $99.99
SKU: EBFI79-T7-005-A

Looking for that extra edge for the performance of your MQB chassis vehicle?

Made to fit seamlessly with our existing MQB (VW and Audi) transmission mounts, these replacement top plates are a quick change to add extra rigidity to the transmission mount.

While our standard top plate is a great option for the majority of uses and installations, those with high horsepower cars, or high horsepower aspirations will benefit from our upgraded top plate. It is a great choice to add rigidity and strength to your BFI V2 transmission mount.

Cut from a single slab of 2" x 3" T-6061-T6 aluminum blank that we use for our engine mount base plates, these top plates can handle that extra power.