BFI MK3 - Single Motor Mount - Front / Rear - Stage 2

SKU: EBFI77-M3-0F2

  • One set of front or rear engine mount inserts
  • Hardware for mount

STAGE 2 mounts are poly, 85A in shore hardness, and are a huge upgrade over the stock swiss cheese rubber mounts. Stage 2 offers a higher level of performance over our Stage 1. These mounts still offer a good ride quality on VR6 equipped vehicles, with some increased vibration over OEM.
We recommend Stage 2 mounts for highly modified MK3 ABA and modified VR6 vehicles. FITS:
  • MK3 Golf/Jetta 2.0l ABA
  • MK3 Golf/Jetta VR6
  • MK3 Golf/Jetta TDI (requires a new rear engine bracket)
  • Corrado VR6
The mounts shown above were removed from an ABA with less than 100k on the clock. Notice the high mileage insert is noticeably "squished" vs. the new insert on the right. Over time the weight and movement of the engine can compress the stock mount from 1/4" (shown) to 1/2" - or even more in some cases! Damage tends to be worse on higher mileage cars as well as VR6 engines.