BFI Stage 1 PEM - MK3 / B4 2.8l VR6 OBDII

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BFI Stage 1 PEM - MK3 / B4 2.8l VR6 OBDII

The BFI OBD-II VR6 PEM is designed to not only increase power and throttle response, but to also smooth out the power as it is delivered throughout the RPM range. The Stage 1 VR6 PEM offers noticeable performance gains over stock on the torquey VR6 engine. Carefully mapped adjustments to the fueling and timing allow the most to be extracted from VW's VR6 powerplant. The PEM also increases the rev limiter to 7,000 RPM and deletes the top speed governor for those taking it to the track. This file is tuned on 93 octane, however the ECU will pull enough timing if you had to run 91 octane. FITS:

  • 1996-1998 MK3 Golf/Jetta OBD-II VR6 with ECU part numbers XXX.XXX.259X
  • 1996-1998 B4 Passat OBD-II VR6 with ECU part numbers XXX.XXX.259X


  • 10-15hp and 12-14lb/ft of torque increase*
  • Lambda tuned for maximum performance
  • Timing optimized for 93 octane fuel
  • 7,000 rpm limiter
  • Better throttle response
  • Improved overall drive-ability
  • Deleted speed governor


  • *Advertised power increase dependent on existing modifications, overall health of engine and the use of 93 octane fuel.
  • Camshaft specific software can be found HERE.
  • The "Street" file of the BFI OBD-II VR6 performance software is federal emissions compliant.