CTS Turbo MK3 VR6 Turboback Exhaust

SKU: CTS-EXH-CB-0017-01

CTS Turbo has been dedicated to manufacturing performance parts for enthusiasts by enthusiasts since its inception. Our continued development of the MK3 platform is not limitted to Turbo kits, our all new 3" cat-back exhaust system is evidence of that. The CTS Turbo MK3 VR6 3" cat-back exhaust system is hand tig welded using the finest T304 stainless steel. Our exhaust system was designed for both street use and big turbo abuse. Other MK3 VR6 exhausts that are currently available can choke peak power and limit the breathing due to their 2.5" construction. The 3" design of the CTS Turbo GTI cat-back is ideal those of us chasing serious horsepower. Product Details:
> True 3" Stainless steel cat-back exhaust
> Aggressive sound under hard driving, but subtle when cruising
> Water jet cut flanges
> CNC mandrel bent stainless steel piping
> Polished stainless steel exhaust tubing
*Exhausts are built to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production.