Hengst Diesel Fuel Filter

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Hengst Diesel Fuel Filter

Hengst fuel filters remove particles of rust and dust, tank residues, water and other substances that can adversely affect the operation of modern fuel injection systems.

Automakers specify filters in OE quality using state-or-the-art filter material such as MeltBlown-Media.

MeltBlown media is manufactured on the basis of polyester and therefore guarantee a significantly longer service life than cellulose media. Compared to single-ply cellulose medium, the MeltBlown medium has several plies with a gradient structure. A special melt-blow process creates very fine fibers that make possible a very large pore volume in the finished filter media. The filter media is optimally adapted to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.

Variants of this filter are, on one hand, a high-pressure screw-on fuel filter for modern diesel engines with very demanding requirements and a screw-on fuel filter with a water reservoir. In this variant, an electronic conductivity sensor indicates accumulated water which can be eliminated by means of a drain plug.

Features and Benefits:

  • OE-Equivalent and direct fit application
  • OE quality mounting brackets, connectors and fittings
  • State-or-the-art high efficient MeltBlown filter media
  • Provides protection against fuel system wear and corrosion

Fits: VW Beetle TDI ('13-'15), VW Golf TDI ('10-'14), VW Jetta TDI ('10-'14)