Febi Bilstein Automatic Transmission Fluid (1-Liter)

SKU: 29934

FEBI Automatic Transmission Fluid D3 ATF (Red), 1-Liter Bottle. Febi 29934 is a high performance latest generation automatic transmission fluid made especially for the requirements of automatic transmissions in Asian vehicles. It is distinguished by its increased torque capacity which meets, and in many cases exceeds, the vehicle manufacturer?s performance requirements. Particularly suitable for use in AISINWARNER automatic transmissions which are fitted mainly in Asian vehicles. This fluid also works in US and European vehicles. Before installing this fluid, please refer to the vehicle's owner's manual to confirm that it is the correct one for that vehicle's transmission. Features and Benefits:
  • Continuous high friction level.
  • Outstanding ageing and oxidation stability.
  • The highest level of wear protection.

  • Type: 29934 - ATF (Mineral Based)
  • Specifications: Meets Dexron III, JWS 3309, Suzuki 3309, Suzuki 3317, Hyundai SP III, Kia SP III, Mitsubishi SP III, Toyota Type IV, Toyota Type D2, Toyota Type WS, Nissan C, Nissan D, Nissan J, Honda Z1 Specifications.
  • OEM Approval: N/A
  • Volume: 1 Liter