Febi Bilstein G12+ Antifreeze (5 Liters)

SKU: 19402

Febi 19400 G12+ is a silicate free long-life antifreeze for use in modern liquid-cooled combustion engines with replacement intervals of up to eight years. Febi antifreeze provides reliable protection from damage caused by frost, corrosion and cavitation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Meets ASTM D-3306 specifications
  • Volkswagen/Audi TL 774 F approval
  • Provides excellent protection for engines against corrosion and cavitation.
  • Prevents sedimentation and foam formation. Prevents damage to hoses and seals. Can be mixed with silicate-free antifreezes.
  • Is equivalent to the VW antifreeze G12 plus and can be mixed with antifreezes G11 and G12.
  • Full Strength - Recommended 50/50 mixture with distilled water.