Fifteen52 COMP 18x8.5 5x108 5x112 ET45 Satin Black

SKU: STMAB-88558+45

Founded in 1996, Fifteen52 is a wheel brand driven by an undying love for all things automotive. They choose to cast off expectations and the notion of following trends in order to do things their own way, offering a unique approach to modern wheel design.

With a healthy injection of minimalist design language and inspiration pulled from the race paddocks and rally stages that influenced their formative years, Fifteen52 aims to adapt motorsport styling to the everyday encounters of street driving. Their goal is to equip enthusiasts with race-bred performance styling in a wheel that has the strength to handle proper daily abuse.

 Over the years, Fifteen52 has carved out its own unique segment in the aftermarket industry and its design language remains unmistakable. Sharing a similar passion for speed and pushing boundaries, they’ve been fortunate to work alongside Ken Block for nearly 10 years, manufacturing wheels for his craziest endeavors and wildest car builds. With the wide reach of his automotive antics, wheels such as the Fifteen52 Tarmac and Turbomac have quickly become modern day classics known around the world. 1552 is eager to forge ahead with car and truck wheels that stand out amidst the rest and make an impact on the automotive world.

Size: 18x8.5
Bolt Pattern: 5x108 5x112
Centerbore: 73.1
Style: Super Touring