MK4 / Beetle Fuel filter

SKU: 1J0201511A

Your fuel filter works hard to keep any dirt or contaminants from making their way through your fuel system. Fuel filters are an often neglected yet important maintenance item. Make sure to replace yours at the manufacturer specified intervals.



  • 1998-2009 VW Beetle 2.0L (w/o Fuel Cooling)
  • 1999-2005 VW Beetle 1.8T (w/o Fuel Cooling)
  • 2005-2009 VW Beetle 2.5 (w/o Fuel Cooling)
  • 2000-2005 VW GTI VR6
  • 2000-2005 VW Golf / GTI 1.8T
  • 2000-2005 VW Golf 2.0L
  • 2004 VW Golf R32