G60 Solid Rubber Transmission Mount

SKU: 357199381C

This is an OEM part and serves as a great upgrade over the stock hydraulic filled transmission mounts.

Though there are many mounts sold on the market as G60 rubber transmission mounts. As you will see below, they are not all the same. Throughout the years Volkswagen has relied on many different suppliers for their rubber transmission mount - and now the aftermarket adds even more suppliers to that equation - but some of those suppliers make inferior quality mounts, ones that are soft - measured via durometer - and will not be nearly as durable as the ones we sell.

Here is an illustration of a quick test of durometer (the higher the number the harder the material - 1-100 A scale). You will notice that although both mounts physically look the same - they are vastly different in rubber hardness (ours is almost twice as stiff as others):

Don't be fooled! Not all G60 mounts are the same!