IE 058 1.8T Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit (NO BELT)



Save your early 058 1.8T 20V engine from risking a complete failure due to a faulty stock hydraulic tensioner. Upgrading your timing system with our IE Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit removes the factory weak link and replaces it with a solid and reliable manual tensioner setup.


Provides reliable timing belt tension for performance engines
Replaces the risky factory gas-charged tensioner
In-house CNC machined idler bracket & tensioner spacer
Roll formed threads for added strength
Add a timing belt and water pump to complete your timing kit


All 058 1.8T 20V engines are factory equipped with a hydraulic style timing belt tensioner. This hydraulic tensioner has a gas-charged piston that provides tension on the tensioner roller, designed to increase/decrease tension automatically. Unfortunately, this design has been a constant source of complete timing failure and one of the weakest links on the 1.8T platform. The piston arm on the tensioner is sealed with an under-spec o ring that commonly wears out, cracks, rots, or leaks leading to the instant discharge of the hydraulic fluid resulting in complete engine failure. Many of the available non-OE tensioners worsen this issue further with cheaper components, lack of quality control, bad tolerances, and awful surface imperfections that further lead to rapid degradation of the hydraulic o ring.


The IE Manual Timing Tensioner Kit is designed to give you timing confidence by completely replacing the 1.8T timing belt tension system with performance-minded parts. This two-part timing solution includes a new in-house CNC machined aluminum idler bracket that replaces the hydraulic piston assembly. The auto-adjusting tensioner is then replaced with a traditional style manual tensioner. This tensioner is set to proper timing belt tension and tightened securely into place. This setup is proven on many street and race applications and is used by VW/Audi 2.0T FSI successors after the 1.8T engine was discontinued.

The IE manual timing belt tensioner is a much more reliable timing upgrade over the stock hydraulic setup, however, this is a performance timing setup designed for performance engines and requires maintenance to ensure proper long-term operation of your timing system. Timing belts tend to "stretch-in" after installation, IE recommends you check your belt tension often (every oil change) and adjust if necessary. Timing belts may also increase/decrease in size minimally during seasonal temperature changes, always check tension and adjust as necessary during heavy temperature fluctuations.


Although the IE manual timing belt kit is an upgrade over the OE setup, be sure to follow the factory timing belt replacement intervals. The timing belt and manual tensioner unit at a minimum must be replaced during scheduled maintenance intervals to maintain reliable and safe operation.


Audi - A4 1996-1998 (B5 - B5.5) 1.8T 20V engines (early 058 only)*
VW - Passat 1998 (B5 - B5.5) 1.8T 20V engines (early 058 only)*

*IE 058 Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kits are designed for use on 058 (AEB engine code) engine blocks only, they are not compatible with all late model 06A engine blocks equipped with internal water pumps. If your engine does not have an external water pump and internal balance shaft, you need an IE 06A Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit.

NOTE: IE 06A Manual Timing Belt Kits are engine block specific, not cylinder head specific. If you have an early 058 AEB large port cylinder head installed on your late 06A engine, the 06A Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit is still required.