IE Carbon Fiber Intake System for B9 S4 & S5 3.0T


Product Details

Your car deserves the performance, sound, and quality from an intake system that reflects the Audi S trim as a true performance machine. IE's engineers took a "no expense spared" approach to design the ultimate intake system solution that delivers on looks, fit, and most importantly -power!


No part of this intake design is by accident, every inch is engineered and tested for performance first. Countless revisions undergo dyno testing, flow bench, and real-world use to maximize potential. As a result of this testing, the massive air filter, built-in velocity stack, large internal volume, ram air inlet, and bottom plate louvers ensure the intake supplies more than enough airflow across the entire powerband for any ECU tune or turbo setup.


In order to maximize airflow, a large internal volume is required to support the necessary amount of flow for the engine. Carbon fiber construction allows our engineers to create complex shapes and angles that just can not be achieved with sheet metal bends. This design style utilizes every millimeter available in oddly shaped modern engine bays for a very large air supply and smooth delivery. The finished product results in a performance design with a stylized high-end look for your engine bay.


You drive a flagship S model Audi with a 6 cylinder turbocharged engine -make it sound like one!

The factory intake kills any and all engine sound to meet requirements for everything but fun. By upgrading to an IE intake system, you are taking full advantage of a performance design including the turbocharger spool, engine throttle, and diverter valve sounds that come along with it. The unique velocity stack and bottom louver design create a tuned engine note that sounds classy, yet powerful at the same time. This level of sound is not heard through other brand closed box intakes and is a much more refined sound than found with open element style intakes. Get ready to sing the song of power!


The only fully carbon 1-piece intake design on the market offers more than a fantastic look alone. This reduces the chances of air leaks from an airbox/air duct joint, finicky installs, rubbing noises, or parts working loose over time while also providing an easier install. Furthermore, this is a complete all-inclusive intake system that does not require any additional parts sold separately to complete the intake.


This Intake fits Audi B9 S4 & S5 3.0T V6 Turbocharged engines without any modification or installation hassles. The install process is simple and can be done quickly with basic tools. The airbox utilizes factory-style mounts that ensure a perfect fit and allow for natural engine movement which keeps intake components from getting damaged.


By incorporating a professional motorsport style velocity stack into the airbox design, airflow is channeled from the large internal airbox volume into the turbocharger as quickly as possible. The bellmouth shape creates a very high inertia flow from the massive filter with very low drag or power-robbing turbulence.  


Engineered to support any power level, the intake takes advantage of multiple air supply avenues. The front large air inlet receives outside high-pressure flow from the front of the grille and acts as a ram air design for the majority of the air supply. Additionally, the bottom plate louvers pull extra required air as needed from the low-pressure zone under the intake. These dual zones provide an unrestricted supply of air across the entire filter and ensure your intake will never be a power limiter for even the most extreme builds.


To ensure a perfect fit, 3D scanning tools are used to create a digital duplicate of the vehicle's engine bay, grille, bumper, and hood. This provides an incredibly high-resolution environment to reverse engineer and prototype the intake design. This not only allow engineers to take advantage of all available room but also results in a perfect and extremely high-end install.


No flimsy parts or quality sacrifices found here! Only the best materials and design features were used for a top-tier look, fit, function, and long-life reliability.  

  • High-gloss true carbon fiber construction
  • Factory style mounts
  • Stainless hardware
  • Multi-ply silicone with stop-flat edges
  • High-quality clamps
  • Powder-coated aluminum bottom plate
  • Stainless laser-etched logo plate
  • 5" pleated cotton filter