IHI IS38 Turbocharger Upgrade for MK7 GTI & 8V A3

SKU: 06K145722H-01

Want to give your GTI or A3 the performance of its big brother? This OEM factory IS38 turbocharger is the latest revision found stock on the all Golf R / Audi S3 cars. This is a direct bolt on replacement for your factory turbo, and requires no additional modification to install. INCLUDES (w/o Install Kit):
  • (1) IS38 turbocharger

INCLUDES (w/ Install Kit):
  • (8) O-rings
  • (4) Cylinder head studs
  • (4) Cylinder head nuts
  • (3) Transmission mount bolts
  • (1) Cylinder head gasket
  • (1) Downpipe gasket
  • (1) Bracket bolt
  • (1) Gallon of G13++ coolant
  • (1) Oil change kit (6-liters of oil, filter and plug)
For maximum performance, pair this turbocharger up with APR's new IS38 software. APR's MK7 GTI and 8V A3 specific software produces 403-ft/lbs of torque and 386-horsepower when paired with the IS38 and APR downpipe on 93 octane fuel! If you're local to the Raleigh, NC area please give us a call for more details on turbo installation and ECU flash. Customer not in our area will need to visit their local APR dealer to have to have their ECU flashed, but we're more than happy to sell you the turbo separately!
A video of our 8V A3 Quattro with an IS38 turbo upgrade sprinting 0-60 in 3.7-seconds!

IS38 turbo with APR software and stock downpipe:
IS38 turbo with APR software and APR downpipe: