Maxton Design 8V Facelift S3/A3 S-line Front Bumper Splitter/Spoiler - V3


Surface Style

MAXTON Design's new front bumper splitter/spoiler is a bolt-on ready solution that will improve the looks of the your 8V Facelift S3/A3 S-line front bumper in a matter of minutes! This splitter/spoiler is black ABS plastic and can be painted to match your car.

8V Facelift S3/A3 S-line Front Bumper Splitter/Spoiler (Version 3)
Mounting Kit
Installation Instructions

Audi S3/A3 S-line 2017-2020

Carbon-Look lips require up to an additional 2 week lead time in order for the simulated carbon pattern to be applied to the lip.
The Maxton decal that is pre-installed on the lip is a removable dome cap sticker.


Availability: Maxton Design products will ship within 4 - 6 weeks of your order date. More popular items can be in stock, however we encourage customers to contact us regarding availability if in doubt. As of 2024, Textured and Carbon-Look finishes require an additional lead time. Please contact us if you have questions.