MK2/MK3 Prothane 4-Cylinder Suspension Bushing Complete Kit

SKU: 22-2009

This complete polyurethane bushing upgrade kit from Prothane is everything you need to refresh and upgrade your aging Volkswagen. All items arrive individually boxed and include lubricating grease where applicable. INCLUDES:
  • 22-1101 Sway Bar Bushings (fits 19mm bars only)
  • 22-1301 Adjustable Strut Bump Stops
  • 22-202 Front Control Arm Bushings
  • 22-302 Rear Axle Kit
  • 22-303 Secondary Rear Axle Kit
  • 22-702 Steering Rack Bushings (manual steering only)
  • 22-902 Rear Shock Tower Bushings