MK5 / MK6 Golf / GTI Racingline Adjustable Solid Top Mounts Camber Plates

SKU: VWR43G500

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If you are serious about high performance use, with some track use thrown in, you should seriously consider fitting the VWR Solid Adjustable Top Mounts. By replacing the entire, soft rubber factory top mount with a precisely engineered, near-solid replacement, the precision of your wheel control is transformed. Rather than the ‘squidge’ under load from the original rubber mounts, you will feel instant, precise responses with much improved feedback. As well as the solid connection with your car, the VWR Solid Adjustable Top Mounts give you the facility to adjust the camber of the front wheels. Additional negative camber (bringing the tops of the wheels inboard) will really give a night-and-day difference on track by keeping the wheels upright in hard cornering. No longer will you wear and overheat just the outside edge of your tyres on a track-day. A unique design feature of all the VWR Coilover kits is that both VWR Suspension Systems (StreetSport and StreetSport PLUS) are fully compatible with either VWR solid adjustable Top Mounts or the standard rubber mounts. Unlike many Top Mounts available on the market, the VWR plates are a direct swap that require no cutting and are completely reversible back to standard.  WHY CHANGE YOUR TOP MOUNTS? Why fit them? The VWR Top Mounts offer several degrees of camber adjustment allowing the track minded driver to dial in the suspension even further without breaking the bank. This can help greatly with turn-in on track, really transforming the front-wheel drive tendancy to understeer. Another reason for choosing Solid Adjustable Top Mounts is to remove the compliance in the original rubber bushing. The feeling of directness and connection to the car is also transformed, taking away the feeling of slack and ‘rubberiness’ that can often be the case in production cars. Another key advantage is to help with clearance of the tyre inside the wheel arch. This can be very tight on Golfs with a low ride-height and wide tires – but adding in negative camber to the wheels ‘tucks’ the tops of the wheels inboard helping greatly with clearances. The downside? Well, solid top mounts will in general increase noise to some degree. The VWR Top Mounts use a unique ‘pillow ball’ top bearing, which minimizes the harshness that most top mounts give – meaning that there is almost no compromise involved to refinement in the car. The ability to offer them as an upgrade for the spirited driver looking to maximize his or her experience with the ultimate in performance is another unique aspect to the VWR StreetSport Coilover family. FITS:
  • These camber plates are made specifically for Racingline coilovers. Whether or not they'll fit other brands is unknown.
  • Cutting of the strut mount tops is required in order to adjust camber with the plates installed on your vehicle.