Multi Rib (Serpentine) Belt

SKU: 06J260849D

ContiTech Serpentine Belts come in a wide range of sizes and are designed to be oil-resistant and temperature-stable from -22F to 176F (-30C to 80C). ContiTech Serpentine Belts deliver 98% power efficiency. While a lower profile design easily handles higher engine revs, reducing noise and providing cooler running temperatures. High performance construction features include polychloroprene rubber cover and body, polyester fiber tensile members, and a ribbed belt design. Features and Benefits: OE-Equivalent. Direct fit for easy installation. Resistant against wear, oil and heat. Temperature-stable from -22F to 176F (30C to 80C). Delivers over 98% power efficiency. High performance construction. Polychloroprene rubber cover and body. Polyester fiber tensile members and a ribbed belt design.