NewSouth MK5 Ventpod Boost Gauge Kit


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Specifically designed for the drivers side vent of the VW Mk5 chassis for GTI, Rabbit and Jetta.

Product Highlights:
> CAD-designed to fit virtually any 2 1/8" (52mm) gauge on the market
> Ergonomically optimized for maximum visibility to the driver and simultaneous viewing of the VentPod and the tachometer
> A simple snap-in fit that replaces the existing vent slats for easy installation
> A NoBracket mounting system eliminates any external mounting hardware for a clean look and better air flow through the vent
> Keeps the full function of the ventilation cut-off flap
> VentPod matches the texture and color of the existing vent slats Includes:
> Mk5 VentPod
> Indigo 30 In.Hg - 30 PSI gauge
> 6 ft nylon tubing kit
> NoBuzz T-connector*
> Electrical wiring and connectors

*NoBuzz T-connector for FSI vehicles ONLY.


*On Backorder - ETA late-Q1 2023*