NGK Racing Spark Plugs - For MQB 2.0T & 2.5TFSI DAZA (Set of 4 for EA88, 5 for 2.5TFSI)

SKU: R7437-8G

Worried about spark plug failure in your tuned EA888 engine GTI / Golf R / A3 or S3? . These plugs are the best choice for all tuned IS38 / IS20 applications, as well as the specified plug for APR Stage 3 equipped cars. Designed originally for race engines these plugs are made with a copper core and an iridium coated electrode tip. They are available in the correct heat range to keep your car running optimally. Sold as a set of 4. Choose your heat range:

MQB EA888 2.0T
-Range 8 (R7437-8) is best for Stage 1 and 2 tuned IS20 and IS38 vehicles 

-Range 9 (R7437-9) is best for Stage 3 applications and some high torque, and hybred IS38 vehicles.

-Range 9 (R7437-95) x 5 plugs is Recommended for tuned 2.5TFSI EVO (DAZA) applications. Gap to 0.024" +/- 0.002