Pwrhaus Coil Pack Adapters (2.7T)

SKU: PWH1810G6

These Coil Pack Adapters are designed to add FSI/TSI coilpacks to your 2.7T. Made from billet aluminum and fully anodized black for a clean finish, these adapters will not only change the look of your engine bay (with standard black, or red-top FSI/TSI coilpacks) but also give you the added functionality of the FSI coilpack. Give your 2.7T the newest coilpack technology, and remove those old 2.7T coilpacks which are prone to failure. With a much lower fail rate, these adapters will help give you peace of mind and give you options for higher power output! The FSI/TSI coilpack also allows a larger spark plug gap as well as increased spark capacity allowing for a smooth idle and consistent power for those 2.7T's that are no longer stock. Comes with all hardware necessary for installation. Each adapter is a tight fit! keep in mind that these adapters are designed to hold the new coilpack tightly so use caution when installing for the first time! *This Kit requires and ICM DELETE for proper operation!