Pwrhaus EA888 Gen.3 1.8T & 2.0T Diverter Valve Spacer

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SKU: PWH1920

Pwrhaus MQB 1.8T 2.0T DV Spacer

Looking for an incredible sound from your EA888 gen. 3 1.8T or 2.0T? Well look no further than the Pwrhaus Diverter Valve Spacer. With it's unique slotted outlet design you get incredible audible feedback from your motor. Installation is simple and requires no modification to your existing diverter valve or boost plumbing. Machined anodized construction, includes all hardware for a bolt-on installation. FITS:
  • 2015+ MK7 VW Golf, GTI & Golf R
  • 2015+ 8V Audi A3 & S3

      Q: Does this add horsepower?
      A: No, this is for sound only.
        Q: Does this throw a CEL or causing running problems?
          A: No. This will not cause a CEL or any other running problems.