Rear Cross Drilled Brake Rotors - Pair (330x22)

SKU: 8W0615601K

Rear Cross Drilled Brake Rotors - Pair (330x22) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Zimmermann vented Coat Z brake rotors are bathed in a special water-based solution, then heated to cure the coating and remove all oil residue remaining from the manufacturing process. These added steps create a durable, lasting rotor surface that resists road salt, solvents, and other corrosives. Coat Z keeps rotors looking good, especially important on cars with open spoke alloy wheels. There is no need to clean these rotors before installing them. Take them out of the box, and install them on the car.

To ensure maximum performance, please bed new pads correctly. Proper bedding transfers a thin layer of brake material from the new pads to the rotor braking surface. Bedding improves brake performance with less dusting, makes pads last longer, improves pedal feel, and reduces or eliminates brake noise.