SPC BMW E9X/E8X/E6X Adjustable Strut Mounts

SKU: 72190

SPC's BMW E9X/E8X/E6X fully adjustable upper strut mounts allow full camber adjustments from -1 degree to +3 degree and caster adjustments from +/- 2 degrees. Full adjustment for daily drivers to high performance racing angles is quickly and easily accomplished. Precision machining and components equals precision handling. Front camber adjustment range: -1.00 degree to +3.00 degree
Front caster adjustment range: -2.00 degree to +2.00 degree
Installation time: 1.2 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per axle Fits: '08-'11 1-Series, '07-'12 3-Series Coupe/Conv., '06-'12 3-Series Sedan/Wagon, '06-'09 5-Series