Textar Epad Ceramic Rear Brake Pads

SKU: 1K0698451K

Brought to you by one of the world’s leading brake friction manufacturers, the Epad from Textar is a next generation friction material, initially developed for the original equipment market, to achieve cleaner, quieter and more comfortable braking. The results are extraordinary. The Textar Epad uses state-of-the-art friction technology and a unique blend of friction materials that ensures that alloy and chrome wheels stay clean and shiny for so long, you will hardly believe your eyes. What’s more, cars fitted with Textar’s Epad come to a stop almost silently. With less abrasion, which minimizes both noise and brake dust, Textar Epad brake pads ensure a maximum degree of braking comfort, meaning more fun at the wheel and less time cleaning wheels. And when you fit Epad, thanks to a clever chamfered design that fast-tracks the bedding-in process, you experience all of these benefits virtually from the moment you drive away. Features and Benefits:
  • Abrasion-resistant: The low dust formulation means wheels stay clean and shiny for longer and any residue accumulation washes away easily.
  • Low noise: Cars fitted with Epad come to a stop almost silently.
  • High performance: Performance levels are comparable with European standard friction formulations.
  • Long Service Life: Less wear during use means Epad lasts longer than traditional brake pads.