Unitronic Audi B8 3.0TFSI DSG/TCU

SKU: UNI-TCU-30-001

DSG Software Precisely Engineered to run combined with a OEM ECU software or your Unitronic Stage 1 performance software.

Performance Software for your TCU Box Code is subject to availability.

  • Engineered with Strict Industry Standards
    With over 10 years of experience with Bosch and Siemens engine management systems and calibrations, Unitronic is able to utilize its expertise, industry leading tools, and equipment to ensure an optimal calibration; delivering maximum performance, while maintaining complete OEM-like reliability and drivability.

  • Extensively Tested Under Various Driving Conditions

    Development begins using its in-house engine dyno housed in an environmentally controlled cell; closely monitoring a plethora of operational data, utilizing industry leading calibration tools and resources. Additional validation and results comparison are completed using its in-house Maha Chassis dyno as a second step of product development. Beta calibrations are then tested in race and street scenarios, using multiple cars throughout the world under various driving conditions. This engine calibration strategy ensures Unitronic Performance Software delivers maximum performance, OEM-like drivability and reliability anywhere in the world. Unitronic Performance Software is only released to its Clients once development is thoroughly completed in accordance to Unitronic’s strict standards.

  • Optimized TCU Performance Software Stages

    Unitronic's Stage 1 TCU Performance Software shift points are optimized to give you the best performance possible out of your OEM software or your Unitronic Stage 1 ECU Performance Software.

    Unitronic's Stage 2 TCU Performance Software shifts points are optimized for your Unitronic Stage 1+ and up ECU Performance Software.

  • Optimized Responsiveness and Drivability

    Cruising upshifts set point are improved for maximum responsiveness when you require power quickly.

  • Optimized "D" Mode for a Comfortable Driving Experience

    Smoother and predictable shifting to ensure a pleasant ride for your daily commute.

  • Optimized "S" Mode for Maximum Acceleration

    Sport mode features lightning quick gear changing and precisely calibrated shifting points to achieve the fastest acceleration possible when combined with your Unitronic ECU Performance Software.

  • Optimized "M" Mode for Maximum Acceleration and Kickdowns Removed

    Fastest shift possible; up to 3 times faster compared to OEM calibration.

  • Improved Launch Control

    Optimized set points to maximize accelerations and improve 60ft time. Launch control set to 4000 RPM in the B8/B8.5 S4 & S5.

  • Rev Limiter Increased

    See the rev limiter increase table for details.

  • Increase Clutch Pressure for Higher Torque Output

    Increased clutch pressure to maximized friction force. This results in higher torque capacity without clutch slipping.

  • Increased Torque Limiter

    Ensure TCU does not intervene during acceleration thus reducing engine power output.

  • Factory Launch Control Limit Removed

    Unitronic’s TCU Performance Software removes the OEM launch control limit, originally set to 200, giving you the possibility to perform as many launches as you desire.

  • https://www.getunitronic.com/imgs/dyno/big/B8_S4_DSG_Power_table-v8-4lineupOnly-web.jpg