Unitronic Intercooler Upgrade & Charge Pipe Kit for MK8 GTI


Unitronic's Intercooler and Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit for the MK8 Golf GTI® 2.0TSI® EVO4 is a direct OEM replacement kit with the ability to support 600HP and more.

This kit features a massive 23.5" x 2" x 16.5" bar and plate intercooler core made from T5052 aluminum and T6061 cast aluminum end tanks with proprietary internal fin and louver configuration. An upgraded turbo discharge pipe, throttle body pipe, silicone turbo outlet hose, silicone throttle body hose and silicone intercooler inlet/outlet hose is also included with this bundle.

Combined, this complete kit will help resist heat-soak and provide optimal and efficient cooling in any driving condition while eliminating restrictions in the boost (charge) piping which runs from the turbocharger to the engine, allowing for unrestricted airflow and maximum performance.


Features / Benefits
  • Highly efficient bar & plate intercooler core constructed of T5052 Aluminum
  • Drastically reduces charge air temperature for cooler, more dense air
  • Significantly more resistant to heat-soak
  • Over 60% more volume than OEM intercooler
  • T6061 cast Aluminum end tanks
  • Intercooler Weight: 24.4 lbs
  • Direct OEM replacement; no bumper, radiator support, or other trimming required
  • Lightweight Aluminum Charge Pipe tubing
  • 60mm Internal Charge Pipe Diameter
  • OEM DV port connection maintained
  • Smooth airflow transitions
  • Multi-ply reinforced silicone hoses
  • Fluorolined inner layer on silicone hoses for oil penetration resistance
  • Factory wiring harness mounting points
  • 1/8” NPT Water/Meth injection port w/ plug
  • Integrated MAP sensor bung
  • Durable wrinkle black powder coated finish


Hardware Included
  • Unitronic Direct Fit Intercooler Core for the MK8 GTI
  • Throttle Body Pipe
  • Turbo Discharge Pipe
  • Silicone Turbo Outlet Hose
  • Silicone Throttle Body Hose
  • Silicone Intercooler Hoses
  • High Quality Hose Clamps and Installation Hardware


VW MK8 Golf GTI 2.0TSI