Wheel Bolt for 5-Lug VW & Audi (M14x27 BLACK Cone Seat)


M14x1.5x28 cone seat wheel bolt for 5-Lug VW & Audi models. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY SPECS:
  • M14x1.5 shank diameter & pitch
  • 27mm usable length (stock VW/Audi)
  • 17mm hex head
  • Black zinc plated

  • Fits 5-lug VW & Audi models with wheels requiring cone seat bolts

  • Stock (no spacers) - 28mm
  • 3mm Spacers - 30mm
  • 5mm Spacers - 32mm
  • 10mm Spacers - 40mm
  • 15mm Spacers - 45mm
  • 20mm Spacers - 50mm
  • 25mm Spacers - 50mm

  • Ultimately you are the one responsible for safely installing lugs and wheels on your vehicle. Please be sure you're purchasing the correct bolts for your application.
  • Do to the high volume of wheel bolt sales, our local inventory will sometimes over-sell. When this happens, some customers may experience an additional order processing delay while more bolts are ordered from our supplier. If time is of essence, please call ahead to check local inventory before placing your order. Thank you.