BBS Style 5 & Style 19 17" to 18" 3-Piece Up-Conversion Kit


BBS Style 5 & Style 19 17 Continuing to expand our line of specialized wheel parts, we are now offering up-conversion kits to up-size your 17-inch, BBS Style 5 & Style 19 to 3-piece 18-inch. This kit includes 1 lip, 1 barrel, 34 chrome plated steel assembly bolts, 34 Dacromet coated nuts, 1 valve stem, and 1 tube of sealant (per wheel set). All barrels and lips are made from 6061 sheet aluminum. Lips are mirror polished and barrels are a raw, non-polished finish available in various widths for both lip and barrel. This is the most comprehensive wheel conversion kit on the market! KIT INCLUDES:
  • Up-conversion kits are sold individually/per wheel. In order to rebuild a set of BBS Style 5 or Style 19 wheels, you will need to order four up-conversion kits.
  • Centers ARE NOT included! You will need to provide centers for the conversion.
BBS Style 5 & Style 19 17 BBS Style 5 & Style 19 17

All BBS Style 5 & Style 19 up-conversion kits are manufactured on a per-order basis. These are special order items which take approximately eight to twelve weeks to manufacture. Placing a pre-order for BBS Style 5 / Style 19 up-conversion kits guarantee they will be produced for you and will ship after they are manufactured. There are NO RETURNS on BBS Style 5 & Style 19 conversion kits for reasons determined by the purchaser!